Sarah Morton Taggart – Letters to Loretta

(Zine, 2022)

Sarah Morton Taggart’s Letters to Loretta is another in a series of zines in which Sarah explores her family’s history. She focuses on one person or one story in each zine.

This one is an exploration of letters between sisters of Sarah’s mother’s mother’s mother in the late 1920’s. Through the letters, along with Sarah’s additional insights and backstories, we get a fascinating look at life for these three women.

Visit for more zines. If you’d like a copy of the personal history-oriented zines, Sarah says, “anyone is welcome to send me an email at and I’m happy to mail them anything they’re interested in for the cost of postage.”




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It’s a testament to their creativity and technical prowess that they’re able to construct such a complex sonic tapestry using a seemingly disparate array of sound