You Are a Robot


This black and white comic zine by Angela Sandberg is based on the song “You Are a Robot” by Putty who is “… the greatest Electronic duo in the history of Music. Except maybe for Yazoo, Erasure, Postal Service, Pet Shop boys, Eurythmics, Chromeo, Soft Cell, Yello, Blancmange, Data, Chemical Brothers, Fluke, Chris & Cosey…”

And I think I kind of agree. I think.

Checking out the band at I see a CD released in 2012 that contains You Are a Robot and it’s a fun chiptune electronic pop song. I must hear more so I get the album and love it just as much — lots of very cool songs.

I think Putty is Angela on vocals? Why isn’t there more Putty music? Why aren’t they famous? I must have answers!

Anyway, go find more of Angela’s zines and comics:

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