Laugh so hard the stars shake in their constallations

In the theatre of the cosmos, laughter pirouettes, a mad comet’s ballet.
Stars tremble in their celestial tapestry, tickled by the moon’s whispers.
The sun, a giddy spectator, spills its radiant giggles across the universe.
Fractured light dances, a symphony of nonsensical harmonies echoing in the void.
Galaxies spin, dizzy with mirth, as planets join the cosmic charade.
Jupiter winks at Mars, their secret joke lost in the ether’s expanse.
Saturn’s rings ripple with chuckles, a silent echo of stardust laughter.
Comets streak across the tableau, their tails writing jokes in starlight.
And the Earth, our blue marble, giggles in its orbit, a child amongst giants.
For when the cosmos laughs, the stars do quake, a shimmering spectacle of joy.






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